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Thread: Pictures from Rockvember 2010 - Mud Trucks

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    Default Pictures from Rockvember 2010 - Mud Trucks

    Here are some pictures from the mud bog competition. The pit was about 200' long and had two "jumps" in it. Some trucks were clearing the pit in 4 seconds!

    Not this one though.....

    This little toyota did well, and almost made it through.

    Zip Tie or Die

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    Awesome wreck....This guy hit the wall WFO and I dont think he saw where he was going because of the mud on the windshield. He hit so hard that the cab sheered off the frame.

    Zip Tie or Die

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    Zip Tie or Die

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    Zip Tie or Die

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    The '64 Impala with Rockwell's underneath it made my giggle....I hope that car was a rust-bucket prior to his choice for using that body though, whatever floats your boat though.

    Cool pics...I need to come up for one of these.
    '08 YFZ450 SE - SOLD!

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