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Thread: ATV/MX Riding Park in Chatam County

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    Default ATV/MX Riding Park in Chatam County

    Does anyone know anything about this?
    A user here said that they were opening one up.
    Please chime in if you know anything.
    The user's post is below.

    He posted this :

    Theres a place opening shortly in Central Chatham County, that will have a few nice trails. A guy got killed on a dirt bike out there a couple months ago riding illegally when he hit a cable riding at nite and since then his dad has leased the place from the land owner, taken down the cables and put up gates, and is working on a parking are and clearing trails , although there are already alot of trails back there that people have ridden for years. I'll let everyone know when I find out more, from what I've heard there will be a 25 dollar membership fee, and after you pay that you ride for free every time.

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    I havent heard anything about it.
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    I forgot to reply to this......I have two guys that worked with me at the dealership I was at in Chapel Hill that live in Chatham. I asked them about it the other day....and they don't know anything about it. Not saying it isn't true, but Chatham is a pretty tightly knit county....everyone is related, or they all know each other. The only thing they could think of that could remotely be a possibility was Buckhorn....but that is still one of those places that you hope you don't get caught riding at.
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