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Thread: 2001 honda rancher 350 ecm help

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    Default 2001 honda rancher 350 ecm help

    How do I know if the ecm(electronic control module) is okay? I think it might be bad.....I have checked the kill switch. The neutral switch is another story...When I shift into neutral the green light won't light, however when I ground it the light does come on but I still have no power . At the same time I bypassed the starter switch and got no power to the spark plug...I don't have the $$$ to just start replacing parts or go to a shop...Help please...

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    Default Re: 2001 honda rancher 350 ecm help

    You may want to consider saving a lil bit of money up and taking to a shop later. When it comes to electrical items-it can get tricky. Believe me I speak from experience.

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    Default Re: 2001 honda rancher 350 ecm help

    Ok whats is the inital problem here will the bike just not run, or is the neutral light just not coming on? On the neutral light I would guess that theres a possiblity that it could be switch gone bad on the engine case but thats JUST a guess . It kinda almost sounds like you have two different problems did they both happen at the same time ? To the best of my knowledge there is no tester that actually checks the ECM what you could do is get you a service manual and locate the ECM and its connectors and check for power inputs and ouputs and all your grounds its supposed to have that will be the easiest thing to do. It very well could be something as simple as a blown fuse. Doing a connector pinout test will let you know if you have a power or ground problem. Also be sure and check your batter terminals and make sure there not loose or corroded . While you are at the battery you could do a voltage drop test on the ground, all you have to have is a (DVOM) Digtal Volt Ohm Meter you can check the voltage drop by going from the ground terminal on the battery to the engine cases and to somewhere on the frame, if you have to clean the paint off in a spot on the frame to insure your getting a good connection when you test it it should have no more than a .03 mv voltage drop. If its more than that clean all your terminals and your connection from the battery cable to ground. Its very simple all you have to do is be PATIENT and take your time if you get frustrated just walk off and come back to it later.


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    Default Re: 2001 honda rancher 350 ecm help

    I took it to the shop and it is the neutral switch...thanks

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