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Thread: 1985 Honda 250 Big Red

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    Default 1985 Honda 250 Big Red

    Got a friend at work that has a 85 Honda 250 Big Red. I know.......it's an old one. lol................ Question is that he has had the carb rebuilt but it will not stay running unless the choke is pulled out on it. it spits & sputters is all he said. :-\ :-\ Any suggestions on where to start with this classic. I believe the problem is still somewhere in carb. Like an idle mixture screw or maybe not getting enough fuel. Could the main jet be clogged. Any help you can give me I will pass it on. Thanks ;D

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    That is more than likely the culprit...but always start with a new plug. Even 4 bangers foul plugs.

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    Default Re:1985 Honda 250 Big Red

    my trx125 did that crap. it was a kinked fuel line
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    It has to be a fuel delivery problem. Typically on these it is varnished fuel in the carb. The best way to fix it is to install a complete carb rebuild kit.


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